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Millions of people around the world use the unique Instagram app, allowing you to share the best photos and images. Many bloggers devote their pages to food, travel, needlework, etc.

Others promote themselves by making lots of selfies or professional photos. But both those and others need subscribers in order to become popular.

So how to become popular in Instagram – without cheating and artificially created excitement?

Today the site “Beautiful and Successful” will share with you tips of competent and very effective promotion and ways to become more popular in Insta in just a few weeks and free of charge.

High-quality photos

The social network “Instagram”, despite the fact that it is now possible to communicate with, correspond with, show videos and stories, was originally created for beautiful photographs.

Therefore, to become popular among users and bloggers, follow the tradition: download really high-quality and interesting pictures.

This does not necessarily have to be champagne on the background of the Eiffel Tower or your tanned long legs against the background of the ocean lagoon and palms. In every day of our life there is something beautiful – you must learn to notice it.

Well, if your page is devoted to some topic, for example, photos will display your hobby – needlework, making floristic compositions, making makeup, sports, cooking, active and extreme rest, etc.

According to statistics, the most popular in Instagram are lifestyle-photos (attributes of beautiful and saturated life). Watch, of course, and for the quality of the photo: an excellent frame can be made almost free – just on your smartphone, and additionally process it – using filters.

Valid hashtags

How, do you use “Insta” and yet do not know what is hashtags ?! Then how do you plan to become mega-popular in Instagram without any cheating ?!

Hashtags are original marks on which in social networks and on the Internet spaces it is possible to find exactly what interests you.

It’s literate hashtags allow you to advance your account in a week or two.

For example, you put the #summertime hashtag under your photos in the Instagram # (by the way, do not forget that the # sign is put before the word, and if there are several words, connect them with the underscore).

This means that you have exactly uploaded your photo from the summer holiday. On this tag, many can find photos and other users, but they will all be united by summer themes.

Determine for yourself which hashtags are popular today.

By the way, you can put several tags on one photo, the main thing is not to overdo it too much with their number and not to put tags that do not correspond to the subject matter of the photo, otherwise users will quickly unsubscribe from you when they see something uninteresting or irrelevant.

Specify location

Another good tip in order to become more popular, acting in much the same way as hashtags is to indicate the place where the photo was taken.

Even if you can not boast of being in the Maldives or in Europe, however, there are many places in your city that many people visit.

Having taken an interest in a particular location, users can go to your photo, if it is marked by this geolocation.


Active means everything: subscriptions to new people (the more of them, the more likely they will subscribe to you in response), Likes (and they are mostly reciprocal), commenting on photographs.

Well, if it’s people of similar interests to you.

Do not forget to also communicate with your subscribers: respond to comments and comment on their photos mutually, at least out of courtesy.

Syncing with other social networks

Another know-how, how to become popular in Instagram, is to connect your Insta-account to other social networks. Now every new photo in Instagram will be duplicated on your other accounts in

Facebook, Twitter, Swarm, which, of course, can not go unnoticed. It’s very simple: just go to the settings and select the list of networks with which you can synchronize.
tTe right time for posting

In the field of social marketing (and this is what we are now doing), that is, promoting your account in the social network Instagram, it will be important even the right time for the post. Post your picture after 5 pm on weekdays and around lunchtime on weekends.

By the way, the experts even conducted a special study and found out that most of the likes were gathered photos posted on Monday at 5 pm on Wednesday and Thursday at 3 pm.

And know: about 70% of likes and comments photo is collected in the first 3-4 hours after its placement. If the likes got so little, over time, they will stop paying attention.

All these tips, secrets and tricks will help you become very popular in Instagram for a short time. In this case, you will not need to cheat subscribers by artificial means with the help of some computer bots and programs. Everything is simple enough, but it will take time. But in the end, you get a bunch of likes and thousands of followers!

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