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Identify with the target audience

As far as the Instagram is concerned, check if there is your target audience in this social network.

  1.  Remember that the core of the Instagram audience are women 25-35 years old, living in cities with a million population (77%). The average check in the Instagram is 6000 rubles. Accordingly, do not even try to sell goods worth 50 rubles to men from small settlements.
  2. Get an account. If you are already registered in Instagram, rate your current account. If you adore uploading 10 photos a day, it’s probably necessary to open a new page for work purposes. Choose a “talking” nickname: you can use your name or surname and add the subject of the account to them so that the user immediately understands what interesting he will find on your page.
  3. Sign up for an account. In the “cap” of the profile, write down what you are doing, what you are doing, focusing on the service or topic that you plan to promote. It is better to choose one direction, a maximum of two. Do not immediately tell about everything in the world. Write interesting and lively, from the first person. Not a “make-up artist”, but “I make people beautiful. Millions of ideas for make-up for every day, “etc.
  4. Create content. Perhaps, the most important (after promotion) component of success for your account – posts. If you do not have the experience of blogging, and the ideas of new articles do not jump from your head to paper, draw up an action plan. Think about what rubrics on your topic you could lead, that (in addition to working topics) would like to cover. Even if you decide to sell homemade crocheted bears, you need to keep an account on behalf of the person – people (rather than the store) are much more willing to sign. Therefore, necessarily 2/3 or 1/3 of all content will be given to personal posts. Structure the other rubrics: for example, on Mondays you talk about one thing, and on Wednesday and Friday – about another. The rest of the days you can write about anything. Pay attention to the posts went out regularly (no more than two per day), the photos were of high quality, and the texts – convenient for visual perception.
  5. Promotion. Without this item, it’s practically impossible to become popular in modern Instagram, unless you put something that can simply “blow up” the Internet (for example, a video about your cat that can talk). In other cases, only competent promotion will help you achieve success – if you have high-quality content. Work with bloggers and with the stars (place their ads), try official advertising in the Instagram, put tags and organize competitions – all this works very well today.
    Good luck to you and a million army of subscribers!
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