Best instagram auto likes. Tips for beginners

This social network has allowed many experts, talents, and even simple housewives to become celebrities.

Bloggers are such a large-scale phenomenon of our life that it is absolutely impossible to write it off.

We live in a happy time. Prior to the emergence of social networks, “to break through” helped good ties, or incredible, outstanding talent, or steel character, iron grip and strong will.

Now all this, of course, also matters. But even if you are a modest introvert and are not familiar with important “uncles and aunts”, the Internet, or rather – social networks and specifically Instagram give you a real equal with all the chance to become famous or secure yourself confident tomorrow.

So, for a consultation, a 23-year-old girl once came to me, who earned a million rubles a month selling knitted hats in Instagram.

And one of my friend, the blogger – a great doctor, but she achieved success when she gave birth to her daughter and began to tell in Instagram about developing classes with her. It is not necessary to go far for examples.

If it were not Instagram, I would not have written this article, and you – would not have read it at this very moment.

  • 1. This is the youngest of the popular social network. Accordingly, its users are the most progressive, mobile, curious people.
  • 2. The nucleus of the audience Instagram – women 25-34 years old, living in large cities, that is, those who make purchases (perhaps involving her husband, but very often without his help) and dictates trends.
  • 3. Progress in Instagram, with due diligence and desire, can still be absolutely free.
  • 4. This is the most actively developing social network.

So, the main question: how to become a popular blogger? Here is a very brief instruction that will help you to trail the path to the hearts of the followers.

Identify a niche

80 percent of your success in Instagram will depend on the right niche choice and positioning. I do not exaggerate at all when writing this.

Now in this social network is very high competition, and for people to actively subscribe to your account, it’s not enough just to be a large mother or stylist. Just try Poprey auto like service and see how that works.

You should stand out from the others, be original or at least unorganized.

Take a piece of paper and write 5 directions that you are interested in. This is a very important stage, since it is impossible to earn money that does not cause you enthusiasm.

At least, to earn a long time. So, we write 5 perspective directions and follow the sensations for each item: “butterflies in the abdomen”, intermittent breathing, an attack of optimism and a desire to start acting immediately – clear signs that the direction suits you.

Ask yourself a question. Will you be interested in doing this in 2-3 years? And in 5 years? And in 7 years?

Now it’s time to choose the most promising and original from the remaining directions. Monitoring of competitors will help you in this.

Monitoring of competitors

Why do competitors need monitoring at the start? In order to realize how much effort (creative and organizational) you will have to apply to work in the chosen niche, as well as to assess how strong your rivals are, and to understand what the level of their services is.

The result of monitoring competitors will depend on the choice of the USP and the strategy for promoting your product or service on the market.

Monitoring competitors should be done systematically, but during the launch phase, this step is simply necessary.

So, how to monitor competitors in Instagram?

  • 1. Looking for competitors through the built-in search (icon “Loupe”). Enter the name of your destination as the keyword. Examples: “cakes”, “knitted hats”, “slings”, “pediatrician”, “textile”, “astrologer” and the like. Search will give out your most obvious competitors – those who have the largest accounts.
  • 2. The “Recommended” section. Click on the “Loupe” icon and study the blogs you’ve offered. Usually, Instagram itself offers accounts that may interest you. If you have already looked for profiles of competitors, most likely, you will be offered profiles on your topic.
  • 3. Search by hashtags. Click the “Magnifier” icon again and enter the keywords, but now search through the “Tags” section. So you will expand the list of your possible competitors.
  • 4. Now go to the “Subscribers” box. If you still have very few followers, do not be lazy to look into each account and see who signed those who are subscribed to you. It is likely that they read several blogs on your topic. If you already have enough admirers, you can “walk” through the profiles of only the most active subscribers (those who regularly leave husky and comment on your posts).

So, you collected data about your competitors. Now we recommend to analyze them to understand what place you currently occupy among them.

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